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Comprehensive look at Fair Housing
In mid-2015, both the US Supreme Court and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development announced significant decisions pertaining to the enforcement and effect of the nation’s Fair Housing Laws. In particular, the Court’s ruling in Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs v. the Inclusive Communities Project found that housing policies and practices with discriminatory outcomes can be challenged under the Fair Housing Act, even if there was no intent to discriminate.
HUD should explore a variety of questions under this topic through literature review and government data including:
1) How is the process of providing affordable housing for families of color and low income families enhanced or inhibited by:
a. Local policies
b. State and federal policies
c. Local real estate market dynamics
d. Community acceptance
2. How are the prospects of families of color affected by residing in lower income census tracts/neighborhoods vs. wealthier census tracts/neighborhoods?
3. How are different kinds of communities (central city neighborhoods, suburban communities, small towns, rural areas) affected by housing provided to and occupied by families of color and lower income families, with respect to:
a. Real estate values
b. Crime and safety
c. Impact of schools
d. Health care and social services
4. What are the strategies that have been most successful in achieving fair housing outcomes?

Dan Petrie
Habitat for Humanity International

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