PD&R Needs Your Input on Upcoming Research Plans

Welcome to the HUD User forums! PD&R is inviting your participation to help plan our long-term research agenda, known as the Research Roadmap.

The Research Roadmap is HUD’s evidence building plan. Through extensive stakeholder engagement, the Roadmap will identify critical, policy-relevant research questions and help guide PD&R research investments. Starting with our Kick-Off event on March 20, 2019, we are launching a process to update the Research Roadmap. To facilitate a useful dialogue, we've organized the proposed work by four topical categories that are rooted in the strategic goals outlined in HUD's Strategic Plan 2018-2022. Below you will find additional threads for each of these categories.

Take a look at the most recent Research Roadmap as well as our extensive list of ongoing research. What’s missing? What are the critical research questions and policy areas we should explore next?

While you do need to register for the forums to participate, your feedback will remain anonymous unless you choose to share your name and affiliation in your posted feedback. To ensure a productive dialogue, all threads associated with this effort will be moderated by a member of the HUD Research Roadmap team. You can also reach out or submit potential research questions directly to the team at HUDResearchRoadmap@huduser.gov.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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