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Developing HUD Disaster Response Strategies
How can HUD increase the effectiveness of the Department’s internal disaster response and recovery activities?

The project will be conduct a table top exercise for HUD leadership, in collaboration with the Office of Administration to examine approaches that could be implemented that would lead to improved performance in the aftermath of a disaster. This effort would remain sensitive to the incrementally, initially through examination of past documentation of the CDBG-DR program. Subsequent efforts would include discussions with CDBG-DG grantees and others to identify areas that were particularly effective and those that were perceived as burdensome or time consuming. Following the information collection phase, the project would identify topics and strategies that are seen as having potential to streamline the process.

Related Questions:
1. What are the core priorities for HUD in a post disaster environment?
2. How should HUD balance the needs of the HUD-assisted programs that were operation before the disaster with the needs of the larger community as a whole? How can the need for operational awareness be strengthened in the immediate aftermath of the disaster?
3. How can HUD strengthen the awareness and understanding of the response and recovery missions that may be necessary in the community? Are there any relevant exercises that could be used by HUD leadership?

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