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Accelerating Disaster Recovery
Primary Research Question: What are effective strategies to speed the planning and execution of the post-disaster assistance programs funded with CDBG-Disaster Recovery funds?

The project will be undertaken incrementally, initially through examination of past documentation of the CDBG-DR program. Subsequent efforts would include discussions with CDBG-DG grantees and others to identify areas that were particularly effective and those that were perceived as burdensome or time consuming. Following the information collection phase, the project would identify topics and strategies that are seen as having potential to streamline the process.

Related Questions:
1. What are the commonalities between state programs that have implemented CDBG-DR programs? How can those approaches work?
2. How can those commonalities be developed in a generic manner to support local adoption?
3. What CDBG-DR policies would need to be changed to support such approaches? What would the processes for change include?

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