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Develop research-based alternative benchmarking approach for PHAs to report on utility costs
In FY2013 Bright Power was awarded a grant to study if energy benchmarking can deliver lower costs, higher quality utility reporting that can drive efficiency in public housing. In early 2016 Bright Power is expected to submit a series of recommendations to HUD for accomplishing energy benchmarking. The aim of this funded research effort will be to conduct a demonstration of these recommendations.

The Bright Power grant is evaluating benchmarking as an approach to Public Housing Authority (PHA) utility reporting. The main objectives are:
· Engage with stakeholders to understand the current utility reporting process, the 52722 forms and utility allowance calculations.
· Propose an alternative benchmarking approach for PHAs to report on utility costs.
· Evaluate both the current and alternative methods using a cost-benefit analysis framework. This will include quantitative analysis, such as costs and person-hours, as well as qualitative measures, such as ease of process and usability of results.

It is difficult at this stage to scope a set of tasks that represent the next steps for current work. Benchmarking can be a very important tool to reduce energy consumption in the HUD assisted community as such it is absolutely imperative that this work be continued.

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