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Aging Research - Housing Adaptation
The HUD Portal web page states:

"In the coming decades, increasing life expectancy, a declining birth rate, and the aging of the baby boom generation will dramatically increase the number and proportion of the U.S. population over the age of 65. Most seniors indicate that they would prefer to age in place, either staying in their current home or choosing from a range of affordable, age-appropriate housing options within their community. It is crucial for successful aging in place to adapt homes and communities to meet the changing needs of aging residents, make available affordable housing options suitable for aging residents, and connect seniors to the services they need in the places that they live."

I highly recommend a research study that focuses on comparing the cost of adapting existing houses to the cost of assisted living and nursing home options. The study should also include a health outcomes metric that tracks the health of the senior compared to a benchmark and/or a "before and after" scenario. A pilot study could provide explicit guidance concerning the type of adaptation needed, the cost effectiveness of the adaption, and the impact on health outcomes (using both quality of life and health cost metrics).

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