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Careful evaluation of the mobility implications of the Moving to Work program and its expansion
Congress appears intent upon expanding MTW and yet to date there has been no careful process and impact evaluation of the program. With its probable expansion, PD&R should plan for a multi-year study evaluating effects upon rents, payment standards, shifting of operating to capital expenses, limiting of portability, and the host of issues that have been raised by researchers and GAO. Do a baseline of the newest PHAs admitted into MTW.
I agree with the statement above. We need a careful evaluation of MTW policies/procedures and resident outcomes. PHAs should adopt an evaluation plan prior to entering MTW if MTW expands.
Thank you for your suggestion regarding the evaluation of MTW. As you can see in the Research Roadmap (, this area of research has been listed as one of the Department's Priority Research Projects. We appreciate your input in this process.
Blair Russell, HUD PD&R

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