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Impact of Overly Restrictive Rules on Families with Children
A common area of discrimination in multifamily housing is the creation and enforcement of overly restrictive rules against families with children. For example, rules that say a 17 year old needs to be supervised at the pool, inside their home, anywhere outside, at the laundry center, etc. These rules are instituted as supervision rules which really should be a guardians' responsibility to determine based on the the age, behavioral development, and maturity of the minor at question. At some multifamily complexes, the rules go beyond restricting elementary-age children and can be so restrictive as to restrictive minors who could have their own job and car. I think it would be beneficial to understand the impact on families with children when they are subjected to these rules, both from a financial, emotional, and practical standpoint and a long term look to determine whether it impacts where families move and how children are affected (similar to research on helicopter parenting where parents choose to be always supervising their children).

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