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Energy Efficiency
I remember back a long time ago I read a print publication by HUD. The issue was focused on energy efficiency among rental units. There were a number of well-written articles on this topic, including one about apartment building retrofitting. As a developer of apartment buildings in the Los Angeles area, and trying to implement greener building strategies, I would like to obtain this publication if someone can help steer me to the source.

Thank you.
You may be referring to the Summer 2011 issue of Evidence Matters. Evidence Matters is a quarterly print-based publication from HUD’s Policy Development and Research (PD&R) Office.

The Summer 2011 issue of Evidence Matters highlights ways sustainability is being defined, measured, and practiced throughout the U.S. The lead article, Quantifying Energy Efficiency in Multifamily Rental Housing, looks at steps being taken to resolve the challenges related to improving energy efficiency of multifamily housing. Measuring Sustainability reviews how sustainability has been defined and measured during its brief history, and how rapid advances in the field are allowing governments, businesses, and individuals to look at it in new and more comprehensive ways. The last article, Confronting the Future: Case Studies in Regional Planning and Consensus-Building, describes the techniques employed by regional planning organizations in the Salt Lake City and Sacramento regions that have built strong and broad support for their sustainability initiatives.

If this is not the issue you were talking about, please provide more information regarding the publication you viewed. You may also find it helpful to search our HUD USER webpage for other publications. HUD USER currently publishes three periodicals that support PD&R's mission to provide reliable information to researchers, practitioners, advocates, industry groups, foundations, and the general public. They are: Cityscape, PD&R’s journal of policy development and research, Evidence Matters, a quarterly print periodical from PD&R, also available online, and The EDGE, an online magazine providing news, a message from the Assistant Secretary, and a wide range of information on housing and community development issues, regulations, and research.

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