Looking for Team Members?
If you are looking for team members for the IAH competition, please contact me directly at jill.mcaninch@schatzpublishing.com for assistance. I'm happy to help you connect to other graduate students that are looking for a team!

Jill McAninch
HUD Innovation in Affordable Housing Student Design and Planning Competition Competition Coordinator
Schatz Strategy Group

(Schatz Strategy Group is the independant contractor that works with HUD on the IAH Competition).
Hello IAH Competition! We have a team of 4 students at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities that is currently looking for a Master of Architecture (or some other design program) to meet the competition requirements. We would love to have you!

If you are interested and want to get to our Minnesota team more, please email at crowe123@umn.edu. Thanks!
Hello everyone!
We are a group of 3 students from Pratt Institute and we are all at MArch program. We are looking for two members that are not in Arch or design related majors so if you are looking for a group please not hesitate to contact me at zxix@pratt.edu!
I would like to join your team! M.Arch student. Boston Architectural College. lewlew3001@gmail.com

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