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Average Lifespan of Families on Section 8 Housing
I am doing some research on the average lifespan that families are on Section 8 housing. I would like to know this information based on national, state(Texas), and county levels (Dallas county). Unfortunately, I am having a difficult time ascertaining this information. Does anyone know this information or do you know exactly where I can find this.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

If what's meant by lifespan is the length of stay in assistance programs, PD&R cannot provide those data, as we don't know exactly when they leave assistance. "End of participation" documents are not consistently submitted.

The closest we can get at this point would be the average number of months current tenants have been in their units in the HCV program which can be found in Picture of Subsidized Households on the HUD USER website,

Some additional relevant information may be found in these articles:

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