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Household Prices, # of occupants, mortgage information, etc. for a 7th grade math project
I am interested in knowing when the AHS data will be released; I would like my 7th grade mathematics students to have access to the data so that they can complete a 4-day project that asks them to

• Use mean, median, and mode to interpret data
• Make a persuasive argument for mean, median, or mode as the best indicator of what is “typical” of a set of data

Thank you for your help, and any other resources that may prove helpful.

Oshon Temple
Data collection for the 2011 survey was delayed three months, due to budgetary issues. In recent years AHS has begun data collection in May; for 2011, data collection began in August. The Microdata (Public-Use File/PUF) will be available from HUD USER in late 2012, with data tables and printed reports to follow. Please continue to check HUD USER's website for the data release.

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