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About Forums
Please help me better understand how to use these forums to further my studies.
Thank you for posting in the HUD USER Forums. The HUD USER Forums provide a space for housing and community development researchers, academics, policymakers, and housing practitioners to interact with each other and discuss the material provided on HUD USER.

This forum provides room for conversations of shared expertise, experiences, and knowledge to identify best practices in housing and community development. It provides an opportunity for users to post specific questions or comments under one of the following topics: Homelessness, Research, Best Practices, Housing Policy, Housing Programs, Housing Data, General Housing Topics, and our HUD USER publication, Evidence Matters. Academics, housing researchers, and other interested parties find this space useful for commenting on material posted, or responding to comments and receiving feedback from others who use this site. Depending on the focus of your research, you may find insightful information from other users or you may wish to comment or ask questions about material that could then receive feedback. We hope that you will find this site useful to spark new ideas, curiosity, and perhaps gain from the information provided by others with experience in a related field.

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