Looking for Architect

My team is looking for 1-2 Masters of Architecture students to join

We are students from the Shack Institute of Real Estate at NYU
(1) M.A student at New York University (Masters is Real Estate Development)
(2) M.A. student at New York University (Masters in Real Estate Finance)

Both with tons of experience in Real Estate

If you are interested to join our team, please let me know!
Hi Santiago!

Myself and another MArch student from Taubman College at the University of Michigan may be interested in joining you team. Please email me at macrrll@umich.edu if you still need teammates. Mitch (my partner) has a lot of experience in affordable housing and I am have done a bit with sustainable design.

Thanks so much!


Just in case:
Hello NYU Shack Team,

My name is Jacquie James, I am a Master student in Urban and Regional Planning at Jackson State University in Jackson, MS. I'm looking to gain experience in energy efficiencies in multi-family and Industrial buildings. Hoping to find a team that I can contribute too.

I can be reached J00765556@students.jsums.edu or 901.239.6214


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