Seeking Teammates

I'm a third-year law student at Georgetown Law. I have professional experience in commercial and residential real estate.

I will work at Paul Hastings San Francisco upon graduating.

I hope to join a team for this competition- I need to join a team with architecture and/or planning graduate student. Thank you for considering me!



I am a second-year structural engineering student at the University of Kansas, and my bachelor degree was in architectural engineering. I am also looking to join a team.

Hello, I'm a third-year architecture student from Parahyangan Catholic Univesity Indonesia. I'm looking for a new experience outside Indonesia and yes I'm very delightful for the chance to work with you as a teammate. It is an honour to have a chance to work with you.

I'm looking forward to your idea about teammates. Tell me more when you add me right into the list

P.s My design background is influenced by green design around Asia and a bit equatorial area-ish. But it's time to learn more about the US

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