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My name is Hannah Phalen, and I'm a Masters of Public Policy student at the Goldman School for Public Policy at UC Berkeley. I would love to form a team, ideally with other Berkeley-based students in other departments. Please let me know if you're interested!

I'm in the exact same boat as Hannah. My name is Kat Cohn, I'm also a Masters of Public Policy student at the Goldman School for Public Policy at UC Berkeley, and I'd similarly love to form a team!
Hi Hannah and Kat,

My name is Aaron Moore, and I am a Planning student at the University Of New Mexico, and might be interested in the possibility of working on a team with you all, or some other folks. Was there a reason you would prefer to work with other Berkeley students? I can definitely understand some of the reasons you may have, but I also think the opportunity to work, not only across departments, but also across Schools and Universities probably has a few things of its own to offer as well.

Might as well chat a little and see if we react well together, I thought, especially now that most of us have gotten so used to zoom for everything. The prospect of much more long distance/remote collaboration just doesn't seem daunting to me in the same way it would have probably even last year. The gap between zooming in work and my classes etc from my home around the corner, and zooming into Berkeley feels kind of a little the same to me now.

Besides the real reason I thought I'd reach out is because I went to Berkeley for the Summer Intensive Greek program as an undergraduate so I'm kind of a student (JK). And I'm really appreciative of Wendy Brown's work, who teaches in political science over there, as you probably know. Of course I'm joking about this being constitutive of a reason to extend the introduction, but I do love Wendy Brown, and other professors from Berkeley, and it would be cool to chat if you are still looking to make a team!


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