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CHAS 2009 product usefulness
The 2009 CHAS tables are available and would be very helpful in providing numbers to support housing policy decisions. In addition, the 2009 CHAS tables are a great resource for updating Consolidated Plans. The 2009 CHAS tables are available in very friendly to use Excel files, and I had no trouble putting together numbers on various subgroups. If using to update a consolidated plan, there are new tables that were not offered in the 2000 CHAS. Especially helpful is the table that provides the number of households with potential lead-based paint problems and the table for determining households at risk of homeless.

I have a few warnings. The data are derived from the 2005-2007 ACS, so don't talk about it being 2009 data. Also, be careful in comparing the data to the old 2000 CHAS. First, the data are not directly comparable as the first CHAS was based on decennial Census data. Second, while the 2009 CHAS tables are clearer and more organized than the 2000 CHAS, that could lead to some misinterpretation in drawing comparisons. Finally, the new CHAS doesn't have all the same breakdowns as the 2000 CHAS, so you might not find everything you want. I managed to get some of what I needed by working with two different tables.

Thanks to HUD for going to all the work to provide this updated wonderful data resource!

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