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Using the CHAS data for demonstrating local housing needs

I am working on a 5-year consolidated plan in Michigan and have looked at filling out the Housing Needs table provided in the CPMP Tool. If what I've read on this forum so far is true, I can't "combine" tables using proportions to infer the number of households in each required category. Looking at the 2009 CHAS Data and the Needs table, if combining tables is not an option, the only stats I can accurately enter are the number of households that are Renter, Elderly Total & w/Any Housing Problem for the three income brackets (<30%, 30%-50%, and 50%-80%). It seems to me there is no way to acurately calculate any other stats in the table since none of the 2009 CHAS tables combine more than 3 of the 4 variables I need to complete the rest of the Needs table. Is that true? Do you have any suggestions for how the rest of this can be completed or calculated? Thanks for your help.


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