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Using the CHAS data for demonstrating local housing needs
Suzanne, your question is a very good one. Sorry for the delay in responding.

Line type "T" means total, so it only appears once in each table. The "estimate" has not been restricted by any of the variables in the table. Line type "S" means subtotal. That means some of the variables are active while others are not. If any of the filters is set to "All" then you will get a subtotal. Line type "D" means that none of the variables in the table will be set to "All"; each variable has one of the specific options chosen.

This is important because you should not add across the different line types. That would be like adding the population of Chicago, the population of Cook County, and the population of Illinois state all together; the sum will be far more than the actual population of the state of Illinois.

The subtotals are useful if you are not interested in all of the characteristics in a table. If you only want to know the number of households under 30% AMI, using Table 1, you could use a subtotal rather than adding up all "D" lines.

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