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Non-citizens living in federally subsidized housing - allen650 - 10-08-2015

As a researcher who focuses on housing issues in immigrant communities, one topic that has caught my eye recently is the experience of non-citizens in federally subsidized housing. In contrast to many other federal public benefits (E.g., TANF), non-citizens have not experienced the same kind of restrictions in their access to federally subsidized housing. That said, HUD doesn't publicly release data on residents living in federally subsidized housing. I would really benefit as a researcher if HUD included citizenship in the RCR reports and as a field in the microdata set that PD&R releases for the use of researchers.

Thank you - - 10-26-2015

Thank you for sharing your perspective on an important housing research topic. Your suggestion will be disseminated within HUD as part of the Research Roadmap idea-generation process. We appreciate your help in identifying important areas for future research. Please continue to share your research ideas with us.
Blair Russell, HUD PD&R