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Seeking Teammates (all majors) - brittanyH2O - 09-25-2020

I'm Brittany Webber, a Urban Planning student at California State University Northridge.

I don't currently have a team but would love to join/form a team. There seemed to be limited options so I wanted to open this to everyone (or at least help congregate people).

Please post here or email if you are interested in forming a team.

Thank you!

A bit about me....
I enjoy gardening (there must be green space!) and just learned how to bike during the pandemic. I am always looking for ways to increase efficiency and problem solve.

RE: Seeking Teammates (all majors) - jnutter - 10-20-2020


I am a structural engineering student, with a background in architectural engineering, at the University of Kansas. I am also looking to join a team.

RE: Seeking Teammates (all majors) - brittanyH2O - 10-22-2020

Hi Jnutter,

I do have a full team right now but it looks like there are a ton of other students looking to form a team. Try these threads:

RE: Seeking Teammates (all majors) - Ganesha Pratama Adi - 10-27-2020

Hello Brittany, I am Nesha from Parahyangan Catholic University, Indonesia. I'm studying Architecture right now. Looks like I'm looking forward to being your teammate for now because I'm searching for a new experience outside Indonesia.

I'm looking forward to a chance to be in your team and super excited to get the chance

P.s urban design and green architecture are also my interest. But my design is a bit influenced by the equatorial area climate, might learn more about the US from you

RE: Seeking Teammates (all majors) - brittanyH2O - 10-31-2020

Hello Ganesha,

I would try this thread:

Good luck!

RE: Seeking Teammates (all majors) - msjjames - 11-01-2020

Hi Brittany,

My name is Jacquie James, am also a Master student in Urban and Regional Planning at Jackson State University in Jackson, MS. I'm looking to gain experience in energy efficiencies in multi-family and Industrial buildings. Hoping to find a team that I can contribute too.

I can be reached or 901.239.6214


RE: Seeking Teammates (all majors) - msjjames - 11-01-2020

Hi Brittany,

Not sure if you get my message before the cut off to register a team. But if you decide to select me I notice that you need some information from me.

Jacqueline James
Urban and Regional Planning - Environmental/Land Use/GIS
Anticipate graduation Spring 2021
Call if you need any additional information 901.239.6214