Full Version: Role of MPOs or other regional agencies in Assessment of Fair Housing
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As part of the new Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule, an Assessment of Fair Housing (AFH) will replace the Analysis of Impediments (AI) process. With the AFH, entitlement recipients will be required to identify and address issues of fair housing, integration, segregation, concentrated areas of poverty, access to opportunity areas and housing need utilizing, at minimum, HUD provided data and mapping tools and a large scale community engagement process. Through the Sustainable Communities Program, many regions began to look at these issues from a regional prospective, assessing regional repercussion of continued fair housing issues. What is the best opportunity in the AFH for involvement of existing regional agencies, not just ad hoc coordination among entitlement communities? How can MPOs or other regional agencies collaborate with entitlement recipients to prepare AFH reports that strengthen fair housing efforts locally and at the regional scale?