Full Version: Listing of Annual Contribution Contract Amounts by PHA
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This may be a simple request, but I cannot find a data set showing this information. I am trying to compare HUD contributions into various PHAs. I am specifically researching in Nebraska, but national listings would also be helpful. Something that is available in a tabular format would work great.
An annual contributions contract (ACC) is a written contract between HUD and a PHA. Under the ACC, HUD agrees to make payments to the PHA, over a specified term, for housing assistance payments to owners and for the PHA administrative fee. The ACC specifies the maximum payment over the ACC term. The PHA agrees to administer the program in accordance with HUD regulations and requirements.

HUD's commitment to make payments for each funding increment in the PHA program constitutes a separate ACC. However, commitments for all the funding increments in a PHA program are listed in one consolidated contractual document called the consolidated annual contributions contract (consolidated ACC). A single consolidated ACC covers funding for the PHA tenant-based assistance program.